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SOS Autocraft can handle any type of auto body damage, while customers trust our one-stop shop for professional auto detailing, wheel refinishing, and car window tinting near West Los Angeles.

Auto Detailing

We offer full detailing, which includes exterior, interior, and engine cleaning.

  • Exterior work consists of 5 stages: car wash, clay bar application, removal of light scratches with medium rubbing compound, removing swirl marks with glaze, guard and shine your car with protective wax.
  • Interior work includes leather conditioning, dashboard detail, upholstery, and carpet cleaning, brushing off floor mats, and wiping interior vinyl, leather, plastic, and glass with a fine cloth.
  • Effectively cleaning car windows, detailing trim, and providing maintenance on convertible tops and other special features that require proper care.

We use only quality auto detailing supplies, like 3M, Mothers, Meguiar’s and other trusted industry products.

Please know, a true auto detail job is labor intensive and takes between 6-10 hours. The 2-hour detailing offered at car wash centers is a mini version of what we offer our customers.

Wheel Refinishing

We offer repair and refinishing for most types of steel, chrome, and alloy wheels. This service is especially useful on lease returns. It can hide damage on your wheels and save you from being charged by the dealership.

We can paint or powder coat most standard wheels. Whether you have curb damage, cracked wheels, or finish failure, a permanent repair is completed rather than just hiding the damage. Light scratches can be easily fixed. If a wheel is bent, we can use the latest and most proven methods to repair it.

Refinishing your wheels:

  • Costs a fraction of wheel replacement
  • Preserves good wheels by fixing minor issues
  • Adds a layer of protection
  • Shows you care about your car
  • Lets you customize your wheels

While hiding damage, powder coating steel/alloy/chrome wheels and rims lets you add flat or matte finishes, glossy, and layering to create a custom look.

Window Tinting

Car window tinting is a popular service. Many believe it’s just for privacy but there are, in fact, many benefits. We offer traditional and ceramic window tinting, both of which block UV rays from the sun and protect your skin during Southern California’s long summer months.

Ceramic window film can withstand high temperatures, adding durability and keeping your car cooler in Los Angeles. The scratch-resistant coating is available in various colors and shades. In addition, the ceramic will not interfere with electronics such as keyless entry systems, mobile phones, and radar detectors.

We also offer a Lifetime Warranty that your tinting will not discolor or peel. So, not only do you get a high-quality window tint, but you are covered should anything happen to it.

Vehicle Dropoff

You can drop off your vehicle 24-hours a day/7 days a week.

There is a designated parking spot and a key slot for after-hours drop-offs. All we need along with the key is your information and how best to contact you the next business day.

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