Paintless Dent Removal
Paintless Dent Removal
Paintless Dent Removal

Is Paintless Dent Removal For You? (PDR)

Got a dent or a fender bender and you want to get it fixed fast? How about fast and cheaper than traditional autobody work? Consider Paintless Dent Removal (PDR).

PDR is a great option for certain types of cosmetic damage or complex dents because little to no dissembling is required, no painting, no replacement of parts, and the work can be done while you wait. However, the only way to know if this option will work for you is to bring the vehicle to our shop for a quick inspection.

Here at SOS Autocraft we have technicians experienced in PDR and auto body repair, so, if your vehicle’s damage cannot be repaired utilizing the PDR method, we can discuss alternative options and your trip will not be wasted.

Word to the wise. If you decide to go with PDR or auto body repair, be sure to pick a reputable shop because the cost to repair fender benders or complex dents can sometimes be the same whether utilizing PDR or auto body repair. The important thing is what will give you the best results in the least amount of time.

PDR is the process of removing minor dents, dings, creases, and high spots from metal without using paint or fillers.

  • PDR is best if time is of the essence.
  • PDR is best when trying to save money.
  • PDR is best for damage that is 2 inches from edge of panel.
  • PDR is best for keeping the vehicle’s value.

To start, we need access to the damaged area, then we use a reflection board or light to cast reflections across the damaged area (ding / dent / crease). Using hand-eye coordination, our PDR technician pin points the exact areas affected by applying the tip of their tool with controlled pressure, the dent in your panel or door is meticulously removed without sacrificing the integrity of the paint finish. In cases where metal is overstretched (usually caused by strong impact), it is difficult to return the metal back to the original condition, but we can significantly improve the dent without any fillers, bondo or paint.

As long as a dent is accessible from behind and the metal is not overstretched the outcome performed by our PDR technicians is simply amazing.

While excellent customer service and the warranty behind our work will give you peace of mind, know that SOS PDR technicians have excellent hand-eye coordination developed from hundreds of hours of practice, knowledge about different types of metal, aluminum, composite, and paint, as well as how shape, curvature, body lines and components behind a dent affect the surrounding area. And most importantly, they are experienced in removing vehicle parts (from behind the dent to allow access) and then reinstalling them without damaging your vehicle.

Understanding the process of PDR is simple but performing it correctly is another. It takes much practice for a PDR technician to perfect the craft of transforming a dent or ding into a “work of art.” Determining the best method to remove a dent, ding, or crease takes knowledge and experience to guarantee a perfect paintless dent repair.

SOS AUTOCRAFT is determined to astound you with our service so we Guarantee all our repairs or there will be no charge.

Paintless Dent Removal (PDR) or Door Ding Repair is a repair method using specially designed tools and techniques to remove dents or dings from your vehicle without a trace!

PDR works best on doors, fenders, hood, quarter panels, roofs, and trunks. It does not work well in areas less than inch to the edge of a panel or where access behind dent is closed (double metal, brace, reinforcement bar, etc) or on overstretched metal. If dent is on aluminum panel, it can also be fixed and the same rules apply.

A PDR technician uses special tools to access the dent from behind. Because the tool is not visible, the technician has to rely on different types of reflections to guide the tool and gently apply pressure to massage out the dent while preserving the original paint finish. We can also use glue pulling method if the paint is original. The glue pulling method is great for hard to reach areas and for removing big dents.

Here at SOS Autocraft we have technicians experienced in PDR and auto body repair, so if your vehicle’s damage cannot be repaired utilizing the PDR method, we can discuss alternative options and your trip will not be wasted.

We are a professional collision repair shop (find us on Yelp) and we work with all major insurance companies. Our technicians are experienced in PDR, body work, and painting. Using this knowledge, we can identify the extent of the dent, previous repair work (if any), and determine the best method to prevent paint from cracking. If we determine that PDR is the best method to repair your dent, a technician will work carefully and meticulously to remove the dent. Some dents can be removed while you wait.

You can rest assured that if you select SOS AUTOCRAFT, you will be getting a skilled and experienced Paintless Dent Removal technician.

Paintless Dent Removal (PDR) vs. Auto Body & Paint

Had an accident and trying to decide if PDR is the best option for you? It all depends on the damage, specifically on depth, accessibility, type of metal and your desired outcome.

It’s very easy for a PDR technician to spend an entire day working on a complex dent. This is similar to some auto body & paint jobs. So it’s a matter of deciding which is best for the particular damage to get you the results you want. And the only way to decide is to have an experienced PDR technician examine your vehicle. But be sure to pick a shop which offers other services other than just PDR repair or their opinion may be slanted.

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